Aggregated feedback instead of long discussions

With Topikon you can see at a glance which arguments are considered particularly relevant. Thus you can record qualitative feedback on media, topics or ideas in the shortest possible time.

Integrate stakeholders faster.

Topikon enables you to integrate customers, members or your team faster and easier into decision and feedback processes via a uniform platform. What if you could already see what your target group or customer thinks of your product or design during the development phase?

Less meetings. Better decisions.

Mit Topikon erhalten sie ganz ohne lange Diskussionen, seitenlanges Feedback oder ausufernde Meetings die gebündelten Meinungen der Teilnehmer. Zu Fragestellungen wie "Was halten Sie vom neuen Design?" oder "Soll der Rastplatz gebaut werden?" erhalten sie die Argumente in einer übersichtlichen Pro- und Contra-Spalte.

Enable participation. Increase productitivity.

Anyone can get involved quickly and easily with Topikon. The intuitive platform allows users to agree to existing opinions with a click and to add new opinions easily. In doing so, Topikon checks whether similar arguments already exist and suggests them for approval. Thus, repetitions are avoided and the most relevant points are highlighted.

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