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Long surveys are annoying. 1-10 surveys and free text fields too. Topikon makes it different! With Topikon, your user can express their differentiated opinions in seconds. Exactly on the points that are important to you, be it the ordering process, a video or the use of their platform. . The widget integrates seamlessly into your environment. Without media breaks or leaving your site.

Get more from your data.

Google-Analtics shows your users behaviour, but does not tell what your users actually think. Topikon is the perfect complement to your existing Analytics. Understand more precisely what drives your customers.

Listen to users. At scale.

"What do you think of the new product" or "Your opinion on the ordering process?" With Topikon's innovative technology, the widget grows over time as you receive more feedback in the words of your users - with less effort.

Save costs and time.

Based on the user's feedback, a suitable follow-up action is carried out. For example, if a user marks the order process as "complicated", you can automatically display a corresponding support number or invite the user to share a suggestion for improvement.

More valuable feedback.

On you can see at a glance which points are considered good and where there is still room for improvement. You can break down the performance for each tracked user group, for example free and premium users. These insights enable you to create content that your audience loves.

Highest data protection.

All data is stored in Germany and the Netherlands, and thus exclusively within the European Union. Using the most modern security mechanisms, only authenticated users with the appropriate client identification can access the client's data. Also all communication with Topikon runs via an encrypted connection.

Topikon in three steps.

The widget can be set up via in under 5 minutes. With an HTML snippet you can use it at the perfect place on your website, platform or in your store.

Thanks to a selection of actions, you can set them up quickly and easily for the individual opinion bits. Once set up, they run automatically - without additional effort.

Topikon is now completely set up. After only a few user interactions, the platform provides you with an overview of the performance of your site and provides recommendations for action.

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