Increase Conversion, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Optimize Content

Instead of conventional feedback tools, which only allow an evaluation on a 1-10 scale, Topikon allows you to directly record qualitative feedback. The widget grows with the user, because users can add new opinions in addition to the given suggestions. Thus, you avoid blind spots and know exactly what the user thinks - without any additional effort.

1. Create and Embed Widget

Create your widget in less than 60 seconds: "How did you like the item" or "Your opinion on the ordering process". Topikon adapts to your requirements. Afterwards, the widget can be embedded into your website and is ready for immediate use.

2. Create Follow-Ups

Depending on the selected entry, a suitable follow-up action takes place. For example, if a user marks an article as "interesting", an invitation to share the article on social media follows. If a user selects a contra-point, for example, he or she can be asked for the e-mail to get in contact. There is no media break and the user does not have to leave your site.

3. Get aggregated Feedback

Via the votes are aggregated. So you can not only see how your content is received, but also why it is considered good. This makes Topikon the fastest tool to receive qualitative feedback from users, and this without leaving your website or store.

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