Connect with your audience

Topikon supports companies and project teams in capturing qualitative opinions of website visitors, customers and members - for better products and decisions.

Aggregated feedback instead of long discussions

With Topikon you can see at a glance which arguments are considered particularly relevant. Thus you can record qualitative feedback on media, topics or ideas in the shortest possible time.

Get Insights.

Topikon offers an intuitive collaboration platform that connects you with your key stakeholders. Receive qualitative opinions and valuable feedback in the shortest possible time.


Save time.

In meetings or chat histories many arguments are repeated or get lost. With Topikon you get an opinion without losing a vote.


Increase commitment.

Topikon visualizes the opinions of the participants. By simply agreeing to existing opinions, users can express their preferences without having to write the same content again.


Topikon is easy to use

Create a board and add your users. 

Add posts the board on which you would like to receive feedback. Users are automatically notified and can share their opinions. Existing opinions can be agreed to with a click. These are sorted by the number of votes in a pro and contra column. Arguments of the same type are automatically merged. This way, an overview is created quickly and collaboratively that represents the essence of the discussion.

You can see the current mood barometer at any time and receive further evaluations after closing the board.

Tired of long meetings and full chats?

With the help of artificial intelligence, Topikon avoids redundancies and enables the weighting of arguments.

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The easy way to better decisions.

Through the structured platform, your team develops more ideas, finds stronger arguments and makes better decisions.

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Unleash the full potential.

You can see who has already taken part in the discussion and which arguments are particularly relevant. And since you find solutions faster, your team has more time for implementation.

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